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About Us

SPIRITUALITY for self-craft, personal development, and a healing worldview.

SOCIAL NETWORK of people of theWAY, globally

VOLUNTEER managed and funded.

EMPOWERING future teachers, healers, and energy workers.

Under guidance of Wayism International Association (WAWO)

Why You Should Join Us

GET THE APP on your phone; hold theWAY in the palm of your hand and joy of life in your heart.

CONNECT with others of theWAY around the world.

SHARE experiences, teachings, inspirational items, make friends of like mind.

DOWNLOAD videos, graphics, inspirationals, and spiritual resources

GROUPS to join, and create your own.

SPIRITUALITY of the next level.

LEARNING short courses and intensive courses, meditations and energy healing

COLLABORATE on videos, courses, books, translations, graphics, and community projects.

TEACH your specialty and expertise. Become a Wayist teacher or healer. 

A Big Thanks

GRATITUDE to everyone who contribute content and interact. This international networking is wholly managed by by individual Wayists wanting to create a resource for everyone.

PAID MEMBERSHIP unlocks all resources, and helps us to maintain the software and server costs, graphic requirements, course materials, and hundreds of hours of work. Your participation makes it all possible.

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